Why ireckon?

I regularly get asked why / how we came up with the name ireckon.

No major big marketing session (unless you call the pub a big marketing session), the name came about before the business. In a very traditional Australian set of discussions where the phrase ‘ireckon’ was used excessively in expressing personal opinions about all manner of topics, the idea formed for what was the first ireckon site. In the early days of the internet the first ireckon site was all about personal expression via world wide polls which users could vote on and store all sorts of personal information… gee now they would call that a community site and UGC (user generated content)… were we before our time?

Back then it was very new and hardly done where a ‘community’ site gathered people purely based on their individual expressions, nowadays sites like this are everywhere. ireckon we decided the name had more value for us in our business sites rather than our hobbies, so we converted it to our main name and started bulding our brand around it.

Some say “ireckon”, the company, is still reflective of my opinions and what ‘ireckon’ about the internet and to some degree that is probably true. Nowadays though with our growing team i feel that it is more like ‘wereckon’ and the ‘i’ is my influence.