33: A Reality Check About Your Online Business

Darryl: Hi and welcome to The My Bloody Website podcast where we talk about all things online especially for small and medium business owners or marketers. I'm Darryl King, I've been running a web agency for over 25 years and I'm here with my co-host Ed Pelgen, who's been running his online marketing agency just as long. Our goals to cover things in a way anyone can understand and it can prove how they use online in their business. This is episode 33 we've called it a Reality check About Your Online Business. It's June 28 2018. Hey, Ed how are you going?

Edmund: Good mate. Yourself?

Darryl: Excellent, excellent

Edmund: Thanks

Darryl: Getting ready for a rants

Edmund: oh, I love rants trust me; we do; there's a lot to rant about in today's environment; let me tell you

Darryl: well and I thought in this week's episode; we might talk about a topic. So in Australia June 30 is the end of the financial year into the tax year for businesses. I realized that not everyone's listening might be in Australia but it's a good time to reflect on how your business is done. And each year when the accountants come in and you look at it. Do you sort of; I know guys about how everything's been going through the deep dive? I've taken really deep. You look at how, what's happened in my business since I started after the Christmas break. The start of the year. How I've gone? A bit of a reality check because this is where you made a profit, made a loss for the whole financial year, 12 months, bills have got to be paid, all sorts of planning happens in those last few weeks just to make sure you're on track and I'm not sure that happens enough with what people are doing online. So I thought this topic of having a bit of an annual guys or navel guys is probably so a circulation

Edmund: I don't know where you going with that

Darryl: is it; you know really dig in deep and really get into the; you know and one; Think about; what are you doing? Like are you doing things that really matter? Are they profitable for your business? Do they generate an ROI?

Edmund: hmm I, And I think we should mention that where this is a bit of a rant has come from. Is that we've been seeing things happen lately, customers have been asking us questions and people have been doing things and you sit there anything. Why the bloody hell are you doing that? It's completely irrelevant to the business or you're just getting caught up. You’re playing with your toys rather than focusing on the business and we're all guilty of it. Should I do it all the time?

Darryl: Yeah well and you see it a lot like when you get to audit site, so I get to audit sites or when you visit things. You're looking for a service, you're looking for a product and you land on a site and you'll go; why on earth are you doing this? And I know we've talked about it before. Where he getting you advice from? So you know you talk to some people and they're getting advice from; it might be the business coach or it might be their accountant, it could be their working guy, could be their online marketing guy and that's all well and good in it and the people listening need to learn to be judicious in making the right calls and I guess that's why we started the podcast;

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: Was to help throw out some information so that you knew you were getting the right advice. And an example is lead magnets you know; like and then so; maybe to explain that for people; so lead magnet you say; let's produce a little eBook or a guide and I'm going to make people coming to my site, sign up to get this. They're gonna give me their email address and their name or some form of information and then I'm gonna give them something. Then typically it's a downloadable

Edmund: yeah

Darryl: and so the goal is; let's follow that; now a lot of this pops out from internet marketing gurus the OMG's or a lot of people that have; that sell things online. So you know if you're if you’re mass pumping out stuff online, maybe its access to a course or bigger books or software. There's probably a close connection between; well there is a close connection between; let's get people into a newsletter list and some online communication and then let's you know drip feed them some information try bring them back, show them examples of what we do but everyone's friggin doing this. Like I mean,

Edmund: I know

Darryl: you find it on a plumber site; Yoow download my; you know what. You go man

Edmund: no, I think that's the; it grinds my gears as Peter says from Family Guy that's exactly we said to see. The issue is a lot of these “I am guys” internet marketing guys are selling information products, courses, training, and things like that webinars, right? and the trouble is every traditional business owner who are running physical businesses or whatnot; who aren't information marketers see these tactics and they think that they need to be doing them and you're right some of these coaches will be telling them you need this, you need that, but the reality is; it doesn't; it doesn't matter; I mean a classic example is. I had a client it was a home services business; you know they did stuff for the home and you went to the website and they had a big sign up for my video training course. I was like, why would I do that? I just want to buy some guttering right? That’s what you do. Whatever freaking hell would I sign up with this video course? And if you've got something of value there. Give it away for free

Darryl: Yeah, and I; and it's not; don't throw the baby out with the bathwater but don't also; you know I mean; like you know; don't just keep stuffing the babies in the bath for a long (5:27….?) right? But it's; you know, when you; when you think about what it is you're gonna add. I always look at it about pop-ups right? Oh pop-ups work; Oh pop-ups work you know well, what is a pop-up doing? Generally it's getting an email just in your newsletter list. Okay, so all of these things are about building a newsletter. So have a freaking look when was the last time you sent out a frigging e-newsletter? If you're not sending out any newsletters but once a year. Where the hell are you doing all of these tactics to load up an email list and you're not doing anything with it right? Like that's point number one and that's; its hard right? to keep that momentum do stuff useful but also if you're just building an email newsletter list to just send out your friggin offer every month rather than something useful or whatever. Is it really what people are signing up for? What exactly are you getting them to sign up for? and I think the best thing is translate this to what happens in your physical office or shop like is that what you do, like you know; when everyone walks into the shop; yeah; yeah; look I'd like you to come in here; he just gave me email address and stuff, I want to give you something and then you can maybe look around; like no way, that's not how you operate in online business and offline business had differences but they have a lot of similarities the similarities are, it's human to human sales or its business to human sales but the person that's coming to your organization is in coming ever; ever; ever; ever; to sign up to your newsletter list. That's not why they came to your website. They you know; that's not their intent

Edmund: If you think about it! Who, what's the newsletter for? It’s for you so you can spam the shit out of them with the hope that you'll make some money right? They don't sign up for pain and suffering right? I get it; I get it and there's a place in a time for that right?

Darryl: Yes... (7:22 were not saying newsletter list are bad or sending newsletter are wrong but it's like anything; do it right?)

Edamund: but but but yeah that's right and like even and I'm not saying pop-ups; it's all context right? It’s all context. A pop-up is gonna work or a squeeze page is gonna work. If the context is right and then the value is on the back end of that and they understand it right; oh I'm gonna sign up for this because there's an educational piece there and you're straight up with them; say, look I'm gonna teach you something and I'm gonna offer you something at the end and so you give it to them straight upfront; there's none of this; oh, bullshit about signing on to the newsletter and then I'll spare me right?

Darryl: whoa, Ed It can

Edmund: It can work

Darryl: yes sorry mate

Edmund: no; no, but it just depends on you've got to understand where the client is that and if they're ready for that then they'll sign up for it right? But the reality is we treat everyone like they’re ready to buy or they're ready to get married right? And you don't do that right? They're not ready for that

Darryl: well it's tiring everyone with a brush because it's easy for us to be lazy about the way we communicate with our customers. That's the thing right? It's easier to just bulk send shit to people than it is to custom write a handwritten note to someone or a custom email or a custom conversation with them that's hard right? It takes human resources, time and money so we don't want to do it. Forget that, you know like if you were selling DIY kits. I don't know? You know, making home kits, woodworking kits okay; and and it was a; it was; it’s not an impulse purchase that you need now so something that I need now or I need to speak to someone is. When the shit is overflowing and there's poop flying all over the bath room stuff from a backed up toilet; I don't need an e-book from a plumber I need a plumber to come and fix it right? But if I've got this yeah it's a discretionary spend

Edmund: hmm

Darryl: and I don't know if the supplier of the kits is trustworthy or not or their gears any good. For them to deliver and ongoing you know; sort of helpful info and videos over a period of time could be really really important because I'm willing to ingest that over time and it's part of a conversion process but it's deliberate like it's a deliberate thing you go you know what; I know my Jenny's and my Jenny's like to build these; let use; I don't know models like a wooden; they're wooden models or a real custom thing; I don't know if anyone ever does that and so they're unique. So the way for me to help people invest in what I'm selling them is to help show them. So you know, might have videos of when you're putting one together; my videos of the production progress, might have some blog; you might have things that you would want a drip delivered to people over a period of time. Now, you would engineer that all up from about what you're gonna do. It's not ad hoc you actually have a deliberate thought about the process so then people come along you know, go I don't get my free eBook you get deliberate you'd say look; hey, we know not everyone understands what we do what the products look like, whatever; so we deliver once a month insights into what we deliver as in and tell them what it is and then you get people to sign up. So smart people get people to sign up for stuff that they want to get not well I saw it on the site, I listened to all these podcasts and videos they said put one of these things on your site and an example that I know you talked about is on that site that you're talking about; it was just this big thing right up front, get my course, here's the signup box and that was the whole of the top of the screen. Yeah, it's just like; I don't know what you're getting

Edmund: It also had an auto play video

Darryl: nice

Edmund: an autoplay YouTube video that was poorly recorded in its sounded. The audio was terrible and it cranked out and it was like the first thing you do on that website is you look for the stop button right? Or you leave. So well I piss people off. Can you imagine if you're like walking into a shop and stop (11:13 wanna buy wanna buy)

Darryl: yeah get my cars hey, here’s all this dvd’s stick them in your pockets like……?

Edmund: yeah I think; look; the point you made there was stop and thought-out right and they everyone see stuff and look, we’re guilty of it too sometimes you get caught up and I think I should, I need to be looking at that but a classic example is. I get it in the last year. I must have been asked five times; hey, should we be on Instagram uh-oh here instagrams the next big thing, it's huge, I'm like well; you sell guttering what do you; What do you want to do on Instagram? Well, I don't understand? Explain to me what your logic is right? And they're; not they're not; they're not unintelligent people so they could think this through are my customers they're. Right cuz they use the same logic; when they're saying well I'm gonna invest in yellow pages of stuff because they did it because the customers were there and as customers move they go elsewhere but people don't go to Instagram to look at roof well, maybe not in my group when was the last time you looked at some quality gutter in your mesh protection

Darryl: You don't spend late nights sitting in the dark looking at little gathering

Edmund: no I don't; I don't; but I mean that's the thing so I mean they could figure that out so why; why do that; I think its maybe; maybe its fear of missing out people think of shit; everyone's moving into

Darryl: well

Edmund: I need to be there

Darryl: yeah and it's the whole point of not thinking through. What am I in this for? you know look you know people are doing these sorts of things on Pinterest so we should start doing this on Pinterest but how does it translate; what the hell are you doing? And you know what, I wish I had all the spare time in the world to do this stuff all the time. I mean as you know; I mean; I keep the ass out of my LinkedIn account yeah about a month ago; I just deleted it; I mean you know what; I get emails from these people; I don't go there, I don't need a job on LinkedIn; I sure as heck don't need all the unsolicited spam and you know and now people are posting their blog post there as well; it's like, you know what; I'm not doing that; I don't want to do it. There's no benefit for me the way I operate it there. So I'm not gonna play in its face. I'm sure there's great reasons for lots of people to be there and there is; not me, so get out of it because I need to focus on the platforms or the tools or the things that mattered in my business that get a result

Edmund: hey, you know what we're talking about Instagram you know how you get an opportunity to be at the beginning of something and you can see the way of coming like

Darryl: yeah

Edmund: like is it a surfer right watch it coming; so what's happening right now with LinkedIn is that; I mean it is a great professional network connecting people what sort of stuff but you know a lot of people to use it as a resume service but there's a there's a current team of marketers who are very good at using LinkedIn as a lead generation platform and they've all got you know like anything; they've worked out how to approach people without being spammy right?

Darryl: Yeah

Edmund: So the pitch is here's how to use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business right and they've worked out a methodology or an approach whereby you come across as less spammy right? You don't come straight out of the gate and say buy my shit. You take time to nurture that relationship and they have all of these tactics about how you can appear authentic. Now, I'm sure they mean you should try to be authentic but the reality is; right? the reality is any bugger who's selling a Facebook course now and that markets getting saturated is gonna be moving over to LinkedIn and saying I'm in the new LinkedIn expert and you watch in six months’ time everyone is gonna be selling a course about how you can authentically approach people on LinkedIn and build connection and then sell your shit; I mean, it's gonna get pulverized; you heard it here first; why LinkedIn you think it's bad now, you thought it was bad I think it's all right still like do get spam but I see yeah it's gonna be a tsunami of; yeah, rubbish and outreach; you'll see

Darryl: well and; the bit I love about all that is; let's be authentic, let's try and be authentic you know what; get the fucking authentic at the start like just be authentic; don't get caught up in all this nonsense, don't try and hack through; I mean and you're right; like, get on and do this way to do that way; you know, the other site's would as well as that; it's not just a bit out the tactic that you install all that; you know, we've talked a lot about producing content and things like that as well so if you know you've six months in you've been producing content; what are you doing? Is it the right content? Is the content getting a result? Why are you producing this content? Did you rush out and buy all this equipment to make great videos or podcasts or whatever? You're making videos so you set up a YouTube channel you've got stuff going on or your Instagram account you've got great photos you've got the setting you know, you might have a; you know, like a green screen about; but is it actually getting you a result

Edmund: hmm

Darryl: so if we were working on a content strategy for site; you know, together or flying for a client; you know, the end result would be this content you've produced; how has it led to whatever the goal was? Let's roll back all the way to the beginning of the podcast series or whenever; you know, I sit with song about what they're going to do within your website; what you've got like and then okay, so we wanted to do X, we wanted to improve our rankings on search engines or we wanted to get more connections through Facebook. I don't care what it is you set a goal up and then you came up with an idea; well; you know what, the ideas don't always work; there's nothing wrong with the idea but you know there's nothing wrong with having a lead magnet; there's nothing wrong with having a newsletter, nothing wrong with using LinkedIn, unless it doesn't work for you,

Edmund: Hmm

Darryl: Or it's the wrong thing but you know let's just say you'd been making a video a week for six months and posting it and doing all these things. That’s 26 videos right? And let's say that you were doing it to produce content to help drive traffic to your website; well, did it drive traffic to your website and if it did. Did that particular traffic convert more? As in; did you get more inquiries than they buy more of your fluffy dog shampoo? Whatever it might be that you were doing? Check it; don't just keep going down this pathway because you're titillated by the thing you're doing. I have fallen in love with podcasts. Great; Did the podcast work? Did their video work? Did the blog writing that you do? Did the eBook that you wrote and put up on Amazon shelves? No? Then reevaluate it's the end of the financial year. Get your head out of the sand. Have a look at what you're doing and ask it because if you're in business and guarantee you. If you had a shop and you had shelves of inventory and none of that friggin inventory was selling. Are you gonna sign up tomorrow and go; yeah; send me 10,000 more? Of course you’re not right? You’re gonna ship that shit out the door and you're gonna try and find something else

Edmund: That's right but I should probably. I'd like to say to counter that; just a little bit right? To say that on the flip side; you need to balance out that some people have really unrealistic expectations about the outcomes, the immediate outcomes for some of their tactics there's some of their marketing strategies

Darryl: but we're gonna talk about that and some coming up episodes about being real

Edmund: yeah

Darryl: and I'm not talking Ed about what,

Ed/Darryl: (18:28)

Darryl: what I'm talking about is? What was the goal?

Edmund: correctly

Darryl: is it working? so you know; if the video strategy is a great strategy that you've gone off track you're just recording videos for anything or you're writing blog posts about anything to fill the space because you knew you should, you haven't gone back and planned it properly or you haven't looked at you plan said; wel,l we're actually supposed to do these because that was going to do this which hopefully would do that

Edmund: yeah

Darryl: that's what I'm talking about; not just again; don't throw the baby out with a bath water. But what are you doing it for? You know when you get your P&L and your balance sheet at the end of the year. Then you go well the start of the year; I had these goals and aspirations, I had a road map, this is where we wanted to go. Halfway through and quarterly I was looking at it you know I was looking a little in; you know what? It's just not as glossy as I thought it was gonna be. Kow you know just a nooo; Just shut up; shut up and go away but you start to say well hang on a minute; well I had this conversation with someone the other day; you could wow you know; I've got all these people on, I'll be busy as a blast fly and then I go to do mainly via text and go; I can make more money; if I was working for someone else; Despite of all these other people they said so you had the conversation with the accountant and they said well; you know, you need to restructure your business, you need to do this, you need to do that and this is you need to get your profit levels up right? And you know, you've probably been distracted with something else so; right; turn the Data adjust it; but the reality check is; not stop doing what you're doing; ask yourself the question; why am I doing this? Am I still doing it the right reason? Am I getting the results? Or am I just doing this because I heard about it somewhere and it seemed like a good idea? Because; you know, when you go to the next stage; if you're doing; what's that expression? Insanity is where you keep doing the same thing

Edmund: Hmm

Darryl: but expect to get different results

Edmund: yep; yep; good point; what else do you want to get real about Darryl?

Darryl: well I think that's enough. I think well, I just think that's the thing right? Whether it be your SEO campaign, whether it be your pay-per-click campaign, your social media campaign, your podcast. Whatever it is that you're working on. What are the results that you want for it? Are you getting them? Have a look at it. Is your website really practical for your market? Like; you know, you're a; you do screen doors right? You sell security doors with screens on them; great for Queensland client; we love them but seriously do you need to have a library of eBooks about the construction models of things; probably not;

Edmund: Nah

Darryl: do you need to have a really well structured message that says to people hey, I need a spare ignore; these guys sell screen doors; what are the options? What do I need to know about them? How do I make contact and get it quite? You know like that just think about it

Edmund: yeah; that's it and just be real about your motivations - and I mean we've all been there where we look at something and we think; god; I'm gonna buy that; I want that right? and you think yes, you justified by saying it's gonna be good for the business but if you stop and like you said take a reality check and think to yourself. I actually don't want that, I'm just buying it for the titillation or because everyone else is doing it. Then you'll probably save yourself some money and time right? So yeah, get real

Darryl: well and look I think that reality check of this. You and I and most of people we know in this space have enough trouble keeping up with doing stuff well, right?

Edmund: Yeah

Darryl: Really well. So if we can't do it and we kind of know part of what we're talking about. How to heck did you in your small/medium business; really busy chasing your tail, trying to stay ahead of it you know; pay wages, make profits, satisfy customers you can't do it all;

Edmund: yeah

Darryl: get real; be real do the stuff that matters most

Edmund: What do you reckon Darryl? We covered the topic well today?

Darryl: I reckon

Edmund: awesome; all right. So that's it for today. Hey, Thanks again for listening I really appreciate and Daryl really appreciates having you along for the ride. If you want to see the show notes get access to the resources we talked about and get notified about new episodes just visit Bloodywebsite.com or subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or stitcher. Also if you enjoyed this podcast please leave a review at Apple podcast; it really helps other people find this podcast. We hope to see you next week when we'll continue this rant and this chat about my bloody website. It’s goodbye from me

Darryl: its goodbye from him