There was no more violence

Imagine if people stopped using violence as a way of fixing their insecurities and issues. Imagine if we all believed that violence wasn't the

They taught meditation in schools

Imagine what our world might be like if everyday every child in every school, meditated on arrival at school for 30 minutes and for 30 minutes before

The Temptation

Days can pass, when it's forgotten. those days you believe it's mastered. You chant, and quote and build That steely resolve of your

There is a darkness out there.

There is a darkness out there, it weighs heavy, yet it has no form. There is a darkness out there, it chases you but you can never see it. There

Taking change in your stride.

It is easy to forget that many people don't like change. As someone who thrives on change in some areas, I forget that for many people they prefer