They taught meditation in schools


Imagine what our world might be like if everyday every child in every school, meditated on arrival at school for 30 minutes and for 30 minutes before they left.

A way to center themselves and prepare for their day at school and then again at the end of the day as they prepare to leave their protected school environment and take a healthy attitude back out into the world.

Imagine if they did this from when they started at pre-school, through early schooling and all the way until they left high school.

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The Temptation

Days can pass, when it’s forgotten.

those days you believe it’s mastered.

You chant, and quote and build

That steely resolve of your mind.

“I shall not!”

Those days you are the conqueror, riding the white stallion.

Lofting your mighty sword, victory abounds.

The crowd around you roar and cheer

Nothing can defeat you, you are the mighty king.

“I shall not!”

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There is a darkness out there.

There is a darkness out there, it weighs heavy, yet it has no form.

There is a darkness out there, it chases you but you can never see it.

There is a darkness out there, that sucks out all your oxygen but yet you still breathe.

There is a darkness out there, that tears away your soul but leaves no visible scars.

There is a darkness out there, that makes grown men sob until they are dry.

Some days everything feels healed.

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How do you sell your vision to your team?

Team getting coached

Getting a group of people to work together to a common goal is at the heart of all businesses of more than one person.

People don’t just naturally work together well, and understanding their motivations isn’t always easy. The differing personal interests, long term and short term goals, and just the different personalities make teams of people a challenge that business owners / leaders have to deal with daily.

Like any group of people meshed together day in day out, the reality is far from simple and is a constant moving beast that is most likely never to be tamed but can be managed.

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Taking change in your stride.

It is easy to forget that many people don’t like change. As someone who thrives on change in some areas, I forget that for many people they prefer their habits and ruts particular in regard to work.

I guess we all have some habits in life, and I am no exception but in my working world and day to day activities I prefer to make sure things don’t get stale.

At ireckon I recently chose a new office location as our old office space lease came to an end. We left The Gabba area after 8 years there and headed down to Teneriffe. Watching the team handling change, thinking about the change etc you realise how much we get into routines that ensure we get through our weeks without too much interruption.

Changing work location means new routes, methods to work, new places to eat, things to do and go to. You have to find local chemists, newsagents etc. For me this is all fun. I loved the period when i backpacked for that very reason. In each new town or city you had to investigate and communicate to find where things were. This opens you to meeting new people, learning new things and just keeping yourself ‘open’.

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Mobile Site Design Brisbane Audit – December 2012

While checking some Google search results on a range of queries I happened to review one related directly to my business (Ireckon) and a key focus of what we have been working on in 2012.

I thought I would share the results as it is interesting how different agencies / design companies approach what they do, and we have tried to eat our dog food as much as possible. Several years ago I got called out for not having a mobile friendly web site, and it was correct – we didn’t. At that time though it did not factor in to our offering in a significant way and we weren’t happy with the options that existed.

Now I think times have changed. My expectation is that any query will result in something suitable for the end user and personally and professionally I think that should be responsive. The statistics are quite clear, in Australia, smart phone usage for web based research is high. So what did I find.

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