About Me

I have been involved in "Digital" (yes I hate that term) since the mid 1990's. In 2016 I sold the hosting side of my Agency business, Ireckon, and closed down a lot of the operations and offering we had, letting go a bunch of fantastic people that I had had the pleasure of working with for quite a lengthy time. Ireckon is still in existence, and I provide a range of services there still related to the Digital side of me.

You can take the guy out of the Digital but you can't take the Digital out of the guy, or something like that. Of course one still has to make a living, and that's where that happens - for now!


  • I have been called "passionate" and "enthusiastic" which I guess means when involved in work I truly enjoy I am 'full of life' and like to drag others along with me.
  • That probably also means at times I can be a little bombastic or pushy maybe that's a trade-off between 'Being on Fire' and being cold.
  • I always liked the Neil Young lyrics it's better to burn out than to fade away and at times that is possibly the approach I have taken.
  • I am learning to write a fiction novel/series in what I hope is the next chapter (great pun right?) for me
  • I have been experimenting with developing some new products
  • I am still working as a consultant and marketer for different people, and I enjoy it
  • I am learning to be less locked into the 'older' way of work and live more in the 'newer' model.
  • Being truly remote I am planning on making that remote and mobile in a more sustainable way.

The writing (blog) on this site, called 'Musings', is a record of things that have no other home. Sometimes I want to write about being a business owner or experimenter but can't really put that on any of my other sites. Additionally my non-fiction goals span different types of publications so one site won't suit them all, hence why I have book sites for them.

Reach out and ask anything, or check out the sites listed at the bottom of each page in the "Reach Darryl" section. Maybe we can do something together or perhaps share useful information.

Thanks for stopping by.