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  1. Interesting read Darryl. I think web design these days its not driven by rules as much but by the amount of content that has to be added. Clients that I am working with are asking for more and more pieces of content to be added to each page, post and app. It has become a real balancing act to ensure that you have a nice clean, simple and creative design whilst adding all the important pieces of content that the client has asked for.

  2. Hey Andrew, these relates specifically to conversations where rule based design was being discussed. It also refers to some of those oft quoted rules about where X should go, there are so many of them influencing designers but they aren’t overt influences now because they just follow them without challenging why.

    There is of course still that question of “..Just because a client asks for it… ” but hey that’s a whole different debate 🙂

  3. I will have to, although if by Hard Cover you mean Printed, then that’s a rule I have — NO Buy unless it’s Electronic. But can I borrow yours? 😛

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