Watching others do something well is a neat feeling

I got to see the end result of a few new processes and approaches today as we released a new project.

It was the result of some, people offering up to do something risky, and applying what we had agreed was a great way to approach the challenge.

Then it was about execution. About getting it done and doing it well.

And they did!

So often those things are taken for granted. Sometimes people just don't get to execute it very well.

When they do, it is an awesome thing to see.

People working well together to a common goal.

Of course next week you have to do it all again. But for this small moment, I will sit back and reflect on what happened and what worked so well.

Well done people.

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  1. Hello Darryl,
    I believe you have done very well for yourself, small business at Morningside when I met you through networking, moving through all the challenges life can send your way, and I have known always you have been passionate with your work, hyperactive or not, much better to take up the challenge and push forward. Well-done to you and your team.

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