Taking change in your stride.

It is easy to forget that many people don't like change. As someone who thrives on change in some areas, I forget that for many people they prefer their habits and ruts particular in regard to work.

I guess we all have some habits in life, and I am no exception but in my working world and day to day activities I prefer to make sure things don't get stale.

At ireckon I recently chose a new office location as our old office space lease came to an end. We left The Gabba area after 8 years there and headed down to Teneriffe. Watching the team handling change, thinking about the change etc you realise how much we get into routines that ensure we get through our weeks without too much interruption.

Changing work location means new routes, methods to work, new places to eat, things to do and go to. You have to find local chemists, newsagents etc. For me this is all fun. I loved the period when i backpacked for that very reason. In each new town or city you had to investigate and communicate to find where things were. This opens you to meeting new people, learning new things and just keeping yourself 'open'.

I remember listening to or reading an Anthony Robbins book/tape many years ago that talked about making sure you walk down a road with your arms not folded and open to all new experiences whatever they are. I think I try to do that as much as possible.

You also can't readily change the anxiety others feel for change. One of my children is very change adverse and there is no quick solution to it, you just have to work with this personality type in a more gentle way.

2013 has been a lot about making changes around me. We are truly settled into our new house we moved into late 2012, the ireckon business has been moulded mostly into the new entity I wanted it to become and I have two products under development.

The one likely to hit the streets in beta shortly is Broodz our app for families.

That in itself is a big change to the type of products I have been involved in before and it is  being self funded at present, which means slightly slower development and release but retain full ownership at this time. That might not last given the goals we have for it.

The 2nd product is a portal which reaches back into my past time at RP Data and is a lot of fun with a potential world first concept coming with it.

My plans include reinvigorating my writing and keep this more up to date with things i find of interest in the web, biz and startup space and probably a bit of soul searching. That requires change too!

It is exciting at the moment watching www.mypolitician.com.au going so well with its brand new site and focus. It was a fun project getting back into coding again and learning Symfony 2 and having an awesome design team to make it shine! Sept 7 will be a fun night to watch the data roll!

Well that's what ireckon!



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